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Why and how: balance your mind and build good habits

Why you need to Balance your Mind

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Find out more about why – as artists and creative freelancers and entrepreneurs – we need to balance our minds, especially if we want to balance our books. And get inside how our creative superpowers can help us be happier.

Creative minds

Why creative professionals need to put their minds first.

Creative fulfilment

How creativity can help us be happier.

Balancing your mind

An illustrative guide to our 1st Balance talk about why looking after your mind is key for creatives.

Taking Care of your Mind

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We all know we need to take care of our minds, so why do so many of us in the creative sector not do so? Find out more, and learn about what you can do to take better care of your mind. Plus, make your own ‘mindapple’ to get you off to a flying start.

Introducing Mindapples

mindapple (mīnd-ăp-´əl) • n. a day-to-day activity that is good for your mind.

Neglected minds

Why we sometimes take our minds for granted.

Being kind to your mind

Tips on good habits for looking after your mind.

Our favourite taking care of your mind good reads

Our ‘go to’ books that we think make us healthier, wealthier and wiser.

Building Habits

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Discover the power of setting intentions and focusing on what you can control, and get inside why changing your mind can be better than changing your life. And practice really does make perfect when it comes to new habits, so check out our favourite insights into how to build new habits.

Intentions or goals?

Creative work is complex, so focus on what you can control.

How do you want your mind to be?

Why changing your mind can be better than changing your life.

Power of practice

New habits don’t come easy so make it easy for yourself to learn them.

Building new habits and setting intentions

Pretty as a picture take aways from our Balance talk about setting intentions and building new habits.

Building new habits and setting intentions

Community sourced habit forming tips.

Some of our favourite top tips for building new habits

Crowdsourced top tips from our community and the hub team.

Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing: anxiety, stress and emotions

Managing Emotions

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Not sure what the difference is between moods and emotions? Then jump right in! Find out more about your emotional temperature and how emotions can help you decide what to focus on. Plus, we give you the lowdown on why you need to take a look at your tension and energy levels if you want to manage your moods.  

What’s your emotional temperature?

Emotions come and go, so manage your moods instead.

Emotional filters

There’s too much information in the world, so your moods help you decide what’s important.

Managing moods

The key to mood management is managing tension and energy.

Stress and Anxiety

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We all know how stressful life as an artist or creative freelancer can be, so we’re taking a look at exactly what stress is and how it impacts your mind. Plus we’re sharing some of our favourite stress-busting exercises and tips. And don’t worry! We’re also taking a look at anxiety, and what we can all do to interrupt anxious or negative thoughts. 

Your emergency system

What stress is and how it differs from anxiety.

Count on 5-4-3-2-1 to quieten your anxious mind

One of our favourite exercises to reduce anxiety that asks you to tap into all 5 of your senses.

High five

Use the 5×5 rule to help you get perspective.

Can you handle it?

Some situations overwhelm your mind but remembering your resources can help.

Your inner world

Changing how you think to change how you feel.

Tips for managing stress

Some top stress busting and anxiety beating tips from our community.

Turn and face the strange: change, resilience and identity


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In times like this, being resilient is super important for any artist or creative freelancer. The good news is that we can all learn to be more resilient, that it’s not all down to us alone, and that creative thinking can really help us bounce back. Catch up on our super-informative videos, and dip into our favourite ideas for how to boost your resilience.

Can resilience be learned?

We’re all different, but we can all learn to be more resilient.

Creative responses

How creative skills can help us cope better with adversity.

A DIY resilience builder

Insights into how to build your resilience in times of change or crisis

A mindset for resilience

A growth mindset can help us respond positively to setbacks and learn from failure.

Giving and accepting help – how to get better at both

Graphic illustration of our Balance talk all about the power of asking for, and offering, help.

Change & Uncertainty

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Life as an artist or creative entrepreneur is uncertain at the best of times, without a pandemic in the mix, but some of us cope better with change and uncertainty than others. Join us as we delve into ‘safe uncertainty’, and get inside how to get more comfortable with change and hold on to what really matters when your world feels like it’s in flux.

How to take a punch

Managing uncertainty when the only constant is change. Audio file (no video).


Our favourite insights into coping with uncertainty and change.

Finding your comfort zone

Change is hard but knowing what you want can help you cope better.

Turn and face the strange – an illustrative how to

A visual takeaway from our Balance talk all about change, uncertainty and retaining your identity.

Taking things personally

Creative people put their hearts into their work, so failure can hit harder.

Focus + flexibility

Hold on to the what, but be flexible about the how.

Curious or fearful?

Are you curious about change, or afraid?


Topic Intro

For so many of us in the creative sector, what we do is super-connected to who we think we are, and that’s not always a good thing. But knowing what you stand for, and why, can be your north star when things are in flux, and we have a few things to share that will help you get inside what’s really important right now.

Changing your mind

Creative people embrace change, but can we really change our minds?

Purpose helps you pivot

Why knowing yourself can help you respond more flexibly to new situations.

Keep on keeping on: motivation and burnout


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The power to power through and get s**t done is something all of us in the creative sector needs in spades. But what to do when we lose all motivation, and willpower supplies are low? We’ll get you inside the key ingredients of motivation and the power of hope, anger and good old fashioned grit. All that plus our favourite insights into staying motivated.

Finding your drive

What can we do when burnout hits and life feels like a grind?

Forcing your mind

You can lead your mind to work, but can you make it think?

Going the distance

How to stay motivated and keep on going.

How to keep on keepin’ on – some thoughts on staying motivated

How to stay motivated and keep on going.

Ingredients for motivation

The key ingredients of motivation.

Anger can = motivation

Anger can fuel us and drive our motivation.


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For years now we’ve seen artists and creative entrepreneurs we know and love burnout due to work. And research tells us too that burnout is on the rise across the sector. We’re all different, but no one is immune to burnout and we all need to work hard to keep it at bay. Watch our videos to find out how to do that, and delve into our about how to banish it for good.

What is burnout?

We use the word a lot, but defining burnout can be tricky

What presses your buttons?

We’re all different, but no-one is immune to burnout.

Keeping burnout at bay

Doing less, saying no and being kind to your future self.

An illustrative guide to beating burnout

Key takeaways from our Balance talk all about keeping burnout at bay.

Top tips to keep burnout at bay

Pointers from some fellow creatives that might just help. Top tips for keeping burnout at bay.

Work, rest and play: creativity and productivity

Boosting your creativity

Topic Intro

For all of us artists and creative freelancers, it’s vital to keep our creative juices flowing, even when things maybe aren’t going our way. Find out how to nourish your creativity, and how your mind can be working away in the background without us knowing. Plus why not have some fun with some of our crowdsourced creative challenges?

Flexing your mind

Why creativity means changing your mind to suit the task.

Nourishing your creativity

What helps you be more creative and come up with better ideas?

Working on it?

Conscious effort is hard, but your mind is working on things even when you aren’t paying attention.

Keeping your creative juices flowing

A visual take away from our Balance talk about how to keep your creativity levels high.

Some fun daily creative challenges to help you live in colour

Get some creativity into your daily routine with the help of our community of curious and generous creatives.


Topic Intro

As every creative knows, there are times when there just aren’t enough hours in the day and we just need to be more productive. In theory, that’s not rocket science, but we don’t always crack it. So, here’s a chance to find out why you might want to manage your energy rather than your time and to delve into our fave tips for working smarter, not harder. 

Managing energy

Why time management is overrated.

The power of habit

Why having a positive routine can help you be effective and creative.

Shifting focus beyond achievement

Why our focus needs to not only be on doing, but on being.

Cracking productivity – how to work smarter, not harder

What to do when there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Win some, lose some: happiness, positivity and disappointment


Topic Intro

Happiness means different things to different people, but one way or another we’re all striving to be happy. How and where can we find happiness? Join us in exploring the role our values have in all of this, how to work out what those are, and how we can move from happy talk to actually living a happy life in line with our values. 

Creating happiness

Happiness means so many different things to different people.

Happy talk: how to get better at living your values

Being clear on your values is key to getting happy. This exercise will give you that clarity.

Finding what matters

Values emerge from what we do, not what we say.

Staying positive

Topic Intro

There’s no doubt that, as artists and creative entrepreneurs, optimism is one of the things that keep us going. But sometimes positivity is in short supply, so what to do then? Find out more about the power of gratitude and how to give thanks more often, plus check out our tips on how to (most of the time) look on the bright side of life. 

Positive minds?

Optimism keeps us going, but realism helps us engage positively with the world.

Always look on the bright side of life – how to boost your positivity

Tips for how to boost your positivity.

The power of gratitude

Why cultivating a sense of gratitude can be so powerful.

How to cultivate a sense of gratitude

Why gratitude helps us keep a balanced view.

Failure & Disappointment

Topic Intro

Let’s face it. We all make mistakes. And sometimes, some of our best ideas start life as mistakes or because of what we thought was a wrong turn. And yet, many of us still find it hard to cope with failure and disappointment. Find out more about the role of hope, curiosity and knowing when to move on, and how to see failure as an opportunity for growth. 

Creative persistence

Creative work takes persistence, but how can we tell when to give up?

How to fail well – a creative guide to what to do when things go wrong

Practical tips for dealing well with failure and disappointment, courtesy of years of experience!

Coping with loss

Can we even give advice about coping with loss and disappointment?

Hopeful minds

Creativity means hoping for a better future, and finding a way to get there.

Slay your business planning gremlins; tips to get you started

Why plan & how?

Topic Intro

Join us on our mission to allay your business planning fears, and help you invent your future. Dig into our favourite business planning secrets, learn from fellow creatives how to slay your business planning ‘gremlins’ and make friends with our Balance Your Books business planning jargon buster. 

Our best business planning secrets

How to make it a lot less scary and boring, and way more inspiring and creative.

Slaying your planning gremlins

Our favourite business planning gremlin-slaying tips.

Our Balance Your Books business planning jargon buster

Allergic to business planning jargon? Read on…

Ready, Steady, Go

Topic Intro

Here’s a secret: business planning isn’t a linear process. In fact, the joy of it is that it’s largely messy, creative work, done to help you invent your future. And while there isn’t a one size fits all approach that works for everyone, our ‘to do, think and ask’ list and our crowdsourced set of killer business planning questions will get you off to a great start and keep you on the right track.  

The business planning ‘to do, think and ask’ list

There’s no one size fits all approach, but this checklist will keep you on the right track.  

Questions to help you invent your future.

This practical list of questions will help you with your business planning.

It’s all about you; your vision, values and purpose

What Are You For? Identifying Your Values

Topic Intro

When was the last time you asked yourself what’s important to you? It’s a big question, but understanding why you do what you do every day is really important as an artist or creative freelancer. Find out here how to pinpoint your values, identify the right questions to ask yourself, and then keep them front and centre while you make those big decisions. 

Getting clear on your values

When was the last time you asked yourself what’s important? Here’s how…

V is for values

How to pinpoint your values and keep them front and centre when making big decisions.  

Where Are You Headed, And Why?

Topic Intro

‘What’s it all for? Maybe the most important question there is when you start your business planning. Knowing what difference you want to make, and how you’ll do that, are the foundations of your business plan. Get inside how to create yourself a compelling vision and clear mission, plus find out why writing a postcard from the future could be the key to unlocking your dreams! 

What you FOR?

Get inside how to nail a compelling vision and clear mission.

Send a postcard from the future

Writing a postcard from the future could be the key to unlocking your dreams!

Use our postcard from the future template

Use our template to jot down your future! Take a snap share it with us via our socials.

Hello, I’m special: scanning your internal and external landscapes

Power up!

Topic Intro

The chances are you’ll have heard a lot about the need for artists and creative entrepreneurs to develop more resilient careers or businesses, resilience is about your ability to bounce back from change or a sudden crisis. The good news it’s not all about you, and more about identifying your resources you have. And better still, we can help you do just that! 

How to identify your resources to build your resilience

Resilience is all about bouncing back from change or crisis. The good news is it’s not all just about you.

What’s in your toolbox? Resilience for creative freelancers and entrepreneurs

Change doesn’t have to be an endurance test if you can harness your resources.

Know Yourself

Topic Intro

If you’ve ever done any business planning before, the chances are you’ll already know about the ‘SWOT analysis’. A SWOT only gets you so far; it’s like a photo of you or your business that shows you what things look like now. But to really move forward you need to get inside how to change them for the better. Our game-changing TOWS exercise will help you do just that. 

It pays to be a SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Make friends with your superpowers, and get to work on the rest.


How to turn the Opportunities and Weaknesses you’ve identified into Strengths.

Scan your landscape

Topic Intro

No creative business or freelance career exists in a vacuum; we’re all impacted by trends and things happening in the world at large. So it really does pay to be prepared and get inside how to respond to those, which is exactly what our exercises here can do. Oh, and they’ll also help you work out what it is that makes you stand out from the crowd. 

Read the trends

Get inside the trends that could change the course of your career or business.

Hello, I’m special

All you need to know about how to stand out from the crowd.

Every kinda people? Know your market and serve them well

The Marketing (re)Mix

Topic Intro

When you think about it marketing is basically creating something you know people want, making sure they know about it, getting the price right and the word out at the right time. The 4 Ps model is a classic marketing tool that can help you get all of that right, so check out our remix of it, to make sure your marketing mix is on the money. 

Getting inside your Product, Pricing, Place and Promotion

Understand the power of your 4 marketing Ps: Product, Pricing, Place and Promotion.

The 4 Ps model – a great place to start

This classic marketing model can help you make sure your marketing ‘mix’ is on the money.

Getting To Know Your Target Market

Topic Intro

As an artist or creative freelancer, knowing as much as you can about your target audiences or customers should be at the heart of your marketing strategy. We can help you get inside how to really get to know the people you want to do business with and work out what they need from you. Nail that, and it could just be the start of something beautiful!

Hello! Is it me you’re looking for? Getting inside your target markets

Why it pays to play detective and gather as much insight as you can into your customers.

Way To Go – Getting More Strategic

Topic Intro

The world is littered with more marketing models and ideas for marketing strategy than most of us creatives will ever need. But don’t worry, we’ve distilled the key ones here just for you – and we’ve junked all the jargon! So it’s time to get inside how to nail a sale and figure out everything you need to about when and how to grow. 

Use AIDA to seal the deal

How to maximise the chances of nailing a sale.

Good growth and the Ansoff Matrix

This little beauty can help you identify what ‘good growth’ looks like for you and your business.